Working and Breastfeeding

New Zealand has special provisions in law for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace. For information on your rights to breaks and facilities at work please see the MBI&E Employment Relations website

I'm Returning to Work - How Did You Manage?

"I have a new baby and am planning to return to work at 14 weeks while my partner, Dave, stays at home with our son, James. I will be working three full days to start with and be away from home for nine hours each day. I want to keep breastfeeding but I am unsure if I will be able to express enough milk to leave at home and how Dave will manage if James is unsettled and I’m not there to breastfeed. My manager has said that I can have breastfeeding breaks at work and she is trying to make it a breastfeeding friendly place. How have other families managed the first few months of mum returning to work with a baby who is breastfed?"   Read responses

The Breastfeeding Librarian

In April 2008, while reading my local newspaper, I saw the ad that would signal a change in direction for my life, and take me on a journey through New Zealand's legislation around birth and child rearing.   Read more

The Working Mother

When I found I was pregnant with Sander I knew I had some decisions to make. What sort of work could I do that would allow me adequate time with my child and yet provide me with an income relative to my needs? I quickly decided to attend a teacher training course to teach at secondary school.  Deciding on which course to attend was dependent on the institute that would support me with my newborn. Auckland University allowed me to take my newborn (five week old) to all classes and lectures. It was, overall, a very good experience.   Read more