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Leaders and mothers from Wellington featured in a radio interview

Ever wonder what a La Leche League meeting is like? - thanks to Radio NZ you can follow the link HERE and find out


Celebrating 50 years of breastfeeding support in New Zealand!

April 2014

A birthday party is being held in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert on ANZAC Day afternoon – 50 years to the day since La Leche League began offering breastfeeding support to kiwi mums. 

Since then the organisation has helped hundreds of thousands of mothers and babies to breastfeed by offering mother-to-mother support at its groups across the country.

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And so it begins!


As printed in Aroha January/February 2014 V16N1

By Lisa Manning, Administrator of Publications


I can hardly believe our 50th anniversary year is upon us! Since 1964 La Leche League volunteers have been supporting mums throughout New Zealand and that amounts to hundreds of thousands of beautiful breastfed babies!


The last fifty years have seen many changes in the organisation itself but our core work, mother-to-mother support, remains constant. The way we go about it may have evolved in this technological age. But essentially it's the same.


To mark this special year we decided to revamp our logo and update our graphics. It has taken many months of team work to come up with something the LLLNZ Board feels represents who we are and what we do. Our graphic designer spent hours exploring ways to incorporate a ‘New Zealand' symbol. But in the end she kept coming back to the heart of our philosophy. And that led her to the new logo. On the cover of this edition of Aroha you will see the final result. We hope you like it.


In the last issue of Aroha I talked about sharing my 50th birthday with La Leche League. Throughout the year we will be reflecting on the decades since Kathleen Peace held the first meeting at her home in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert on April 25th 1964.


We do hope you will join birthday celebrations in your groups across the country. We will have more details about those in our next issue!




LLL International Bedsharing Press Release May 2013

SCHAUMBURG, Illinois (May 22, 2013) - Few new mothers get enough sleep and most mothers worry about their babies sleeping safely.  Research has shown that a majority of breastfeeding mothers bedshare at some point because they need more sleep and it makes breastfeeding at night easier...

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LLLNZ Director Responds to Press Council Decision

6 September 2012


La Leche League New Zealand welcomes a Press Council ruling which criticises coverage in the New Zealand Herald and Herald on Sunday of La Leche League's concerns about a smoke-free TV advertisement.


"We welcome the Press Council's ruling and now believe we can move on and concentrate on our primary role - supporting breastfeeding families," said LLLNZ Director Alison Stanton.


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LLLNZ Annual Report 2012

La Leche League New Zealand Inc. Annual Report 2012

Keeping Consistent Messages

Press Statement 6 February 2012


The ongoing row over the removal of images of Piri Weepu bottle-feeding his baby from an anti-smoking tv campaign is misleading and completely misses the main concern of breastfeeding supporters.


La Leche League New Zealand says the images would have given mixed messages to the public and undermined another important Government campaign which promotes breastfeeding.

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LLLNZ Conference April 2013


La Leche League Conference Moves into the Green Zone

South Island Conference Update

September 2011


Yes the South Island La Leche League Conference is going ahead.


Where: Hotel Ashburton, Ashburton, Mid Canterbury


When: Friday 26 April to Sunday 28 April 2013


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Infant Nutrition During A Disaster

Breastfeeding and other options

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Breastfeeding During Emergencies

Helpful answers to questions asked when breastfeeding during emergencies

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