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LLL Waiheke Island 10 Year Anniversary

La Leche League Waiheke Group invite you to celebrate 10 years of breastfeeding support and information by LLL in Waiheke


When:  Friday 2 December 11.30 -1pm


Where:  Surf Dale Hall, Waiheke Island


We invite current, past and future members of LLL, health professionals and anybody who ever came to our meetings or cinema to celebrate with us.


The regular series meeting will be on the same day, 10am-11am topic "How Breastfeeding Affects Mothering". 


For free breastfeeding help or information please phone Bea on 372 2691 or Helga on 372 2210


LLL Dunedin Breastfeeding Workshop October 2013

La Leche League Dunedin invites you to their Breastfeeding Workshoplucylogo_blue_copy_lisa_sml


When?    Saturday 19 October 2013

Venue?   Musselburgh Baptist Church, Musselburgh Rise



$30 LLL Members and Peer Counsellors

$45 non members

$55 Health Professionals requiring CERPS 


Open to all with a passion for breastfeeding




Programme details and registration - click here to download




LLLNZ Conference April 2013


Where: Hotel Ashburton, Ashburton, Mid Canterbury


When: Friday 26 April to Sunday 28 April 2013



Janine Pinkham, Conference Coordinator (June 2013)

It was with a sense of relief that I drove home from Ashburton on Sunday 28 April. Early feedback was that the 2013 conference was a success; many delegates wanting more of the same and eagerly anticipating the Auckland conference next year.

The smooth-running of the event was down to a hardworking team with plenty of initiative. Thank you team you were all fantastic.

The following comments from the general evaluations sum up the overall delegate experience:

"Many of the sessions introduced fascinating topics that breastfeeding mothers experience."

"I liked the mix of plenary and concurrent."

"It was a very interesting theme that invited unusual, introspective keynote sessions -adds a new slant."

"Thanks conference team for all your effort"

Our theme "Breastfeeding: Establishing Identity - ukaipo: no wai te waiu" presented the many ways that breastfeeding shapes the lives of mothers, children, families, supporters and society as a whole. We also explored the challenges faced in establishing the identity of breastfeeding.     

Speakers from the La Leche League Board of Consultants, Leaders, and from the wider community presented on a range of current breastfeeding and parenting topics. 


(More information and details can be found in the Archives section) 


Celebrating Father's Day

Details coming soon...



LLL Area 2 Workshop 31 August 2013


Area 2 La Leche League invites you to their Workshop


When?    Saturday 31 August 2013

Venue?   St Francis Church, Hamilton



$30 LLL Members and Professional Members

$45 non members and non-waged

$60 Health Professionals


Open to all with a passion for breastfeeding


Programme details now available - click here to download


Registrations now open!


Register online here or follow instructions detailed in the Programme






World Breastfeeding Week 2013

1 - 7 August 2013wbw2013-logo-h3_sml

This year's World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) theme, 'BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT: CLOSE TO MOTHERS', highlights Breastfeeding Peer Counselling. Even when mothers are able to get off to a good start, all too often in the weeks or months after delivery there is a sharp decline in breastfeeding rates, and practices, particularly exclusive breastfeeding. The period when mothers do not visit a healthcare facility is the time when a community support system for mothers is essential.... Read more


New Zealand is just one of the many countries which celebrates World Breast Feeding Week by having 'The Big Latch On'. Coordinated through Women's Health Action, it will take place at 10.30 am in many different locations throughout New Zealand.

Click here for venues



Check out the "DAILY DEALS" that la Leche League New Zealand has on offer over World Breastfeeding Week!  Great deals and a prize draw at the end of the week. Click here





La Leche League New Zealand Conference 2013





Thanks to those who registered on time. For those still to register a $50 late fee now applies. No registrations will be accepted after 15 April. Hurry and make sure you don't miss out - La Leche League members register (with meals) for $540, non-members $590. Register online at


Where: Hotel Ashburton, Ashburton, Mid Canterbury - 


When: Friday 26 April to Sunday 28 April 2013



Registration Information - late registration closes 15 April

Please click on the links below to download the registration information, or to register online. 

Registrations 5-15 April - add $50 late fee, no registrations accepted after 15 April.


Registration brochure (includes programme)


Registration form (pdf) or Registration form (Word doc)


Register online (preferred)

Conference Bank Account Number

Please make conference payments to Westpac bank account number 03-1598-0042612-002, or 03-1598-0042612-02 if your bank requires only a two digit suffix.


Conference flyer please share with your networks


Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Your chance to learn more about breastfeeding is at the Breastfeeding: Establishing Identity - Ň™kaipŇć nŇć wai te waiŇę? Conference in Ashburton in April. It's been quite a while since the last comprehensive breastfeeding information and education event in Canterbury so this is a great opportunity, hosted by La Leche League South Island. Come along to update your breastfeeding knowledge and network with breastfeeding mums and their helpers. Many sessions earn continuing education points.


Conference Theme 

Our theme is "Breastfeeding: Establishing Identity - ŇękaipŇć: nŇć wai te waiŇę?" A direct translation of the Maori phrase could take several forms. Firstly "ŇękaipŇć": can be "the sustenance of the mother's breast" or "sweetheart" for a woman, or "motherly tenderness". "NŇć wai te waiŇę?" means "from where is the source of the breastmilk?", or "from where do I nourish tenderness?"¬† We're sure you'll agree that this phrase is a fitting companion to our establishing identity theme.

The Conference will present the many ways that breastfeeding shapes the lives of mothers, children, families, supporters and society as a whole. We will also explore the challenges faced in establishing the identity of breastfeeding.

The Conference is open to all those interested in supporting mothers and babies to breastfeed: mothers, fathers, grandparents and other family members, breastfeeding peer counsellors including La Leche League Leaders, Leader Applicants, midwives, nurses including well child nurses, lactation consultants, doctors, community health and social workers and others.

Programme and Speakers

We are delighted that child attachment expert Lauren Porter and social and cultural researcher Dr Karleen Gribble have accepted our invitation to speak. We will be joined by LLLNZ Professional Advisory Panel members; obstetrician Dr Alison Barrett, lactation consultant Carol Bartle, researcher Dr Judith Galtry, nutrition lecturer Janet Weber, lecturer in law Selene Mize, and associate professor Dr Kath Ryan. We are sure that this experienced, knowledgeable and vibrant group will bring to life our theme of Breastfeeding: Establishing Identity - ŇękaipŇć: nŇć wai te waiŇę?

A wide variety of speakers are presenting on a range of current breastfeeding and parenting topics.  The programme has plenty of plenary sessions so you won't have to miss any of our guest speakers.


Speaker profiles



Lactation consultants and aspiring lactation consultants will be delighted that virtually all conference sessions have been awarded CERPs. IBLCE Continuing Education Recognition Points are essential for working towards and maintaining your professional development as a lactation consultant. On offer are 29.25 pre-exam hours or 11.25L, 3E and 15R CERPs.


Saturday Night

Our Saturday night feature is "La Leche League's Got Talent" hosted by vibrant media personality and LLL Leader, Lisa Manning. The lineup is a fun and informal tribute to breastfeeding. You are invited to present an individual  item or as part of a Group, so start planning now to make the most of the opportunity. As an audience member you are sure to have an evening of belly laughs like you never have before.

Pre Conference Communication Skills Sessions

Leaders, Leader Applicants and Peer Counsellors book in now for the Pre-Conference Communication Skills sessions and be revitalised, inspired and challenged.
Pre-Conference offers:

  • CS1 - Powerful Listening
  • CS2 - Building Rapport
  • CS3 - Difficult Conversations and
  • Establishing the Core Identity of Your Group - Delegating and Evaluating

Arrive in time to join us on Thursday (ANZAC Day):

  • Two concurrent sessions on Thursday afternoon (CS1 and CS3)
  • Two on Friday morning (CS2 and Group Identity).

CS courses teach the basic skills of listening and responding through in-depth practice. The skills you gain will enhance all your interactions and relationships: with your children and family, in your Group, your Area job and within your community.
Pre-Conference Registration form  



Hotel Ashburton -

Hotel Ashburton is located on the outskirts of Ashburton in the farming region of Mid Canterbury, an hour's easy drive from Christchurch and the airport. Friendly staff and a tranquil setting with quality accommodation will ensure you have a comfortable conference experience. The hotel's planned renovations are progressing rapidly and scheduled for completion well before our event. We will be one of the first groups to enjoy the full benefit of the modernised surroundings. All of the large session rooms are within an easily navigated single level layout near to dining and relaxing areas and accommodation. 


The accommodation rooms are likewise located on the ground floor, and conveniently each room has its own car parking right beside it. There are views of the extensive and gracious grounds from all windows. You will be sure to have a sense of calm restored with a gentle stroll through the attractive gardens if you or your little one needs a diversion from sessions.  The gardens can be accessed too during breaks in the programme for lunch and refreshments.


Ashburton is a large rural service town on State Highway 1. It has a good range of shops, cafés, museums and gardens. It is the ideal place for a family holiday with scenic drives offering mountain views over expansive pastures and riverbeds. Other activities and attractions are detailed at 


Earthquake damage forced a change of venue and dates (originally 5-7 October 2012) for our Conference. It's just a fact of life in Canterbury right now that major events are not possible in Christchurch. The Conference Committee apologies for the inconvenience and assures you that our team is working hard to create a memorable event for you. Please join us in friendly, undamaged Ashburton.


LLLNZ Book Stall

You will need to bring some spending money to make the most of the sales tables available. In particular the La Leche League New Zealand book stall provides a wonderful chance to see the fantastic range of books and resources available for mothers and breastfeeding helpers. You will also get to meet Jo our amazing Office Administrator who will be looking after the book stall.

Conference Specials
LLLNZ Catalogue


Sales Tables and Displays

Providers of products and services for breastfeeding women and those helping breastfeeding women are invited to have a sales table or display. LLLNZ has strict criteria on what may be promoted. Suitable products might be baby carriers, children's toys and books, visual aids for breastfeeding education, and displays related to allied breastfeeding support programmes and services. It is essential that sales tables and displays are pre-booked. Fees are $25 for La Leche League Leaders or Groups and $150 for non-La Leche League stands - still much cheaper than most other conferences.


Details of requirements for sales tables and displays

Sales table and display flyer

Exhibitor contract


Transport Options

We are committed to getting you to conference. Transport from Christchurch airport is available. The cost is $40 return or $20 one way. The transport has seat belts fitted and those travelling with children will need to provide child restraints.  If you are arriving before 11am on Friday 26 April or departing on a flight after 3.45pm on Sunday 28 April transfers will ensure you are able to enjoy the entire conference programme. Any later arrivals and earlier departures will mean you miss part of the conference. Only those with transport booked and prepaid will be transported. If you require conference arranged transport please book online using the link below - have your flight numbers and times handy. Record on the form if your scheduled flights mean you will miss part of the conference and no other options work for you.


Transport booking form


A range of alternative transport options is available as outlined here




Once again an attractive conference t-shirt will be available to order with your registration; price $30. A few extras will be on sale at the event but be sure to order in advance to avoid disappointment. If you can't come to conference but don't want to miss out on a conference T-shirt you can order your T-shirt via the online registration from. Just fill in the T-shirt and contact details, make payment (add $6 post and handling) and your T-shirt will be sent to you. 

Chest graphic



Sleeve graphic

Why You Should Attend

If you have ever, or if you have never, been to a La Leche League Conference you will be delighted to know that our 2013 South Island Conference is nearly here. Apart from hearing the wonderful speakers a highlight and vital part of any La Leche League Conference is the socialising. At a La Leche League Conference you truly experience a breastfeeding culture. You'll mingle with mothers and babies chatting and making new friends, like any gathering of women, just that most of them are breastfeeding, even though you will often not realise they are, even if you are having an in depth conversation. You will have generous opportunities for socialising with 90 minutes free time following sessions and before dinner (which just conveniently also allows the venue team to set up for the meal). Meet in the bar, your room or stroll in the garden or nearby footpaths.

If you enjoy the support you get from the mothers in your LLL Group, or at the Big Latch On, or within your breastfeeding peer counsellor networks our Conference will revitalise you even more as you experience a whole two days surrounded by women and families who accept your parenting choices. You may even learn as much from observing as you do from the speakers' sessions.
Consider the conference a well deserved gift to yourself, a reward for the being the wonderful breastfeeding advocate you are.

Keeping Up-to-date on Conference

Website: The latest information regarding the conference can be found on this page of the LLLNZ Website > News and Events > LLLNZ Conference 2013
Facebook: A Facebook event has been set up on the LLLNZ Facebook page!/LLLNZ/events . Facebook event is an interactive way to stay informed of conference progress and connect you with your friends who are going. It's a great way to set up your travelling party and your roomies at the hotel.
If you have any questions about your conference REGISTRATION please contact Mary at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Email: For all those niggling questions you can contact Marnie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


 Our Conference team is working hard to create a memorable event for you.

Please join us in friendly Ashburton.


For more information contact Marnie: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



LLL Area 2 Breastfeeding Workshop

Area 2 La Leche League invites you to a Breastfeeding Workshop


When?   Saturday 22nd September 2012


Where?  Rotorua Baptist Church, 100-104 Malfroy Road, Rotorua


Click HERE for Workshop information, Programme and Registration form



LLL Dunedin Breastfeeding Workshop

This workshop is for pregnant women, mothers, La Leche League Leaders, health professionals, peer supporters and all interested in birth, breastfeeding and parenting


When? Saturday 1 September 2012

Where? Musselburgh Baptist Church, 131 Musselburgh Rise, Dunedin


Click HERE for Workshop information, Programme and Registration form



World Breastfeeding Week 1-7 August 2012


Understanding the Past-

Planning the Future


Celebrating 10 years of WHO/UNICEF's Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding


What's happening in New Zealand?

big_latch_on_2012_smlFind a venue and join the fun!








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