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Diane Wiessigner Articles

The following are a selection of articles written by Dianne Wiessenger and used with permission by La Leche League New Zealand

Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC, is a frequent speaker, in the US and abroad, on the mechanics and mammalian behaviors involved in breastfeeding, and the language and support systems that help make it successful. She is a co-author of La Leche League International's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, 8th edition, and LLLI's Sleep Sweet: Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family.  She is author or contributing author of numerous breastfeeding resources, including textbooks, journal articles and essays, and more than 75 breastfeeding handouts for mothers and their helpers.

About Pumps

Hand expression is used by most of the world's working women.  It takes some practice, but can be quick and easy, and your hands are always available.  Try expressing into a large bowl or clean margarine tub at first. Read more 

A Latching-on Checklist

Baby is interested, even if still very sleepy: wiggles, hands go to mouth, mouth moves...Clothing out of way - yours and baby's...Make yourself comfortable  - holding baby's head at the natural level of your nipple. Read more 

A Three-Course Meal and a Dance

The whole time you are lactating, you'll be making milk twenty-four hours a day.  It collects in the tiny ducts throughout your breast and makes you feel more and more full as time passes between nursings. Read more

Gaining, Gulping and Grimacing?

Is your baby thriving... but nursing is a struggle? See if many of these sound familiar:

  • My baby chokes and gulps and splutters when she nurses, especially at the beginning. Read more 

"He Can't be Hungry - He Just Ate!"

How many times did you eat or drink something today?  Coffee break?  Water fountain?  Gum?  Snack?  TV nibblies?  Most adults have an urge to eat about every 90 minutes while they're awake!  Read more 

Latch-on Pictures with Description

Read more

Medications and Breastfeeding

Do you need to wean?  Almost certainly not!  Our culture assumes that your choices are 1) known risk to your baby from continued breastfeeding or 2) no risk from consuming a safe formula.  Wrong.  Read more

"My Baby Just Doesn't Get It!"

There are lots of reasons why a baby can't seem to get the hang of latching on and nursing well at first. While your baby learns how, you need to:

  • keep him fed,
  • keep your milk supply going,
  • keep in touch with breastfeeding specialists... and
  • keep the faith! Your baby will learn how. These babies did.  Read more

Nipple Shields

Breastfeeding works best and most easily when no gadgets are used. But sometimes a gadget can help gadget-free breastfeeding develop. A nipple shield is one such gadget. Read more

"Old Iron Jaws"

My baby's jackhammer-like chomping at my breasts was painful -- but it was too much advice, not the pain, that almost made me give up nursing.  I assumed nursing would come easily to me; when it didn't just "happen", I assumed I was doing something obvious, wrong.  I didn't know my problem was unusual. Read more

Overcoming a Blocked Duct

My dinner party guests were gathered and expectant for their meal. I went off into the bedroom to give my seven-month-old baby a feed before bed, and felt big, ropy lumps in my left breast. I knew immediately what it was; a blocked duct!  Read more


Here is what research has to say about pacifiers, what it leaves unsaid,and what it all may mean for you and your baby.  Read more

Scheduling Feeds

You're important, not only to yourself but to others.  You have important things to do.  Many of those things are scheduled.  You're picking your mother up at the airport Tuesday at 3:00.  Read more

Solids? Wait a Bit...

Adding anything to a thriving baby's diet in the early months can interfere with his normal breastfed health. Read more

Staying in Touch

If you and your baby are still struggling to make nursing work, if you stopped nursing before you wanted, or if you never really got started, first of all give yourself a big, warm hug for your efforts.  With even a little breastmilk, or even a little nursing, you have given your baby an irreplaceable start on life. Read more

Thoughts on Positioning

Babies don't nurse like little round suction cups.  They use their lower jaw and tongue to stroke milk from the breast.  When researchers put lipstick on nursing babies' lips, nose, and chin, they usually found a heavy chin print on the breast and a faint nose print, and the mark from the lower lip was much farther from the nipple base than the mark from the upper lip.  Read more

Tough Love

The early days of nursing were awful! Comfortable? No way. Sometimes the pain seemed unendurable. I had dark moments when I doubted that breastfeeding was the right thing for us. Read more

Triple Nipples and Early Weaning

Babies in breastfeeding cultures usually nurse for at least 2 years. Yet babies in the United States often "wean themselves" before the age of one year, even if their mothers had hoped to nurse longer. What's going on? It's often "Triple Nipple Syndrome": Breast, Bottle, and Pacifier.  Read more

What if I Want to Wean My Baby?

Breastfeeding your baby for even a day is the best baby gift you can give.  Breastfeeding is almost always the best choice for your baby.  If it doesn't seem like the best choice for you right now, these guidelines may help. Read more

Why Am I Doing This?

You've been pumping, struggling, hurting, going without sleep for days now, even weeks. What's the point? Giving up your dream of breastfeeding is starting to look very appealing... Read more