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Aroha Articles

In each issue of Aroha we print a mum's story; an inspiring, special interest or reflection on a breastfeeding journey. These stories are written from the heart, to be shared with others.  We hope you feel inspired, motivated, and able to seek help for your situation.  

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I’m Not Superwoman   

Bridget is mum to two girls, Lucia (nearly four) and Evelyn (six months). Those who live in the South Island may be familiar with her name or voice on the radio, as she works for More FM in Christchurch. At the time this article was written, as a result of the Christchurch earthquakes, More FM was broadcasting out of a temporary studio inside a portacom by the Addington Raceway in Christchurch.

Read article Aroha v16n3 (June 2014)  758kb


The Third Option – Exclusively Pumping  

“Is your baby breastfed or bottle fed?” I was asked by my Plunket nurse. It’s a question I’ve had to answer many times in the past ten months since my daughter was born. The answer seems simple; that I have two options, to either breastfeed my baby or bottle feed with formula. Doctors, Plunket, hospital staff, relatives, friends, and colleagues - they have all asked at some stage and for me the answer is not quite so simple.

Read article Aroha v16n3 (June 2014)  1088kb


Success in Battling Low Supply

If you are having difficulty establishing a plentiful milk supply for your baby, there is hope. I am sharing my story for the possibility that it might inspire even just one woman who wants to breastfeed but is having supply trouble. Keep trying; it is worth it in the end!

Read article Aroha v16n2 (April 2014)  1165kb



This Most Sacred Process of Birth

The tide swirls around my ankles. I look out at the vast expanse of blue and feel nervous, excited, scared, and overwhelmed all at once. The current pushes and pulls the blue-green sea in all directions. My body sways to and fro, forcing me to anchor my feet firmly into the sand.

Read Article Aroha v16n1 (Feb 2014)  564kb




I have often heard the definition of weaning as ‘to be satisfied’ and in my experience I think this is true.

Read article Aroha v16n1 (February 2014)  478bk




The Later Stages of Breastfeeding and Weaning 

I was breastfeeding a five-year-old. I never thought I’d write that, but here we are. He has had one feed since, and a few attempts at it but breastfeeding has very quickly lost its place in his day! Now he asks, looks like he may latch on only to give me a big raspberry… not that pleasant, I’ve decided.

Read article Aroha v15n6 (December 2013)  717kb



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